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When should you bring a wrongful death case?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Wrongful Death |

It is natural to want justice for the wrongful death of a family member, but timing is often one of the most important elements of these types of cases in Kentucky. It is usually wise to start building your case as soon as possible, but there are certain concerns that could be more immediate than others.

In fact, your personal injury wrongful death action may not even be the most complex part of the legal ramifications of your loss. You may also have to consider estate planning issues, family law and even potential involvement in a criminal case. Please read on for a brief discussion of each of these elements.

Estate plans are strategies you would set up to deal with your assets and wishes after you pass away. If your loved one had a complete plan in place, you or a trusted advisor would probably have to execute it. If there was no plan, you may have to follow certain procedures to fulfill your loved one’s wishes according to the law. 

Family law is also an important part of most cases involving an untimely death. Custodianship of children may be a complex issue in some families, for example. However, there could be ways the law could help reunite your family and help you heal from your loss together.

As mentioned on FindLaw, some wrongful death actions may stem from an event that is also the basis for a criminal charge. You as a relative of the victim may even be involved in trial or deposition for the criminal case. These issues are separate, but they are linked in many ways.

Overall, it is usually possible to obtain assistance from Kentucky courts in putting your life together after the untimely loss of a family member. However, it could take a holistic view and a broad legal experience base to successfully navigate all of the complex, interrelated issues. Please do not view this as legal advice. It is only intended as background information.