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Personal injuries require thorough treatment and documentation

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2020 | Car Accidents |

A car accident is a potentially deadly incident that can leave those involved badly injured or worse. Some injuries occur more commonly than others during a car accident. Here is how several commonly occurring types of car accident injuries are treated and documented.

Head and brain injuries often have lasting effects

One of the worst possible injuries that you might suffer is a head or brain injury. Many people who suffer traumatic brain injury suffer ongoing effects. Some might even be comatose for a period of time, and that could result in significantly high medical costs. A brain injury also can affect a person’s ability to learn, work and even maintain relationships. An MRI is an excellent diagnostic tool for assessing the extent of head and brain injuries, and medical treatments vary.

Neck and spinal injuries can be especially bad

If you suffer an injury to your neck or spine due to blunt force trauma or other effects from a car accident, medical costs can be very high. That is especially true if a spinal injury causes permanent paralysis that denies you the use of your limbs and bodily functions. The potential treatment might include spinal surgery and extensive physical therapy that lasts a long time. Proper documentation from your health care provider can go a long way toward ensuring a full understanding of the extent of your injuries, pain and ongoing effects.

Broken bones and internal injuries

The potential blunt force from a car accident often breaks bones and injures internal organs. While many such injuries can heal naturally, surgery is required in many cases. Afterward, physical therapy is typically needed to help strengthen the body and assist the full healing process.

Kentucky’s winding roads and often-changing weather can contribute to serious car accidents. An experienced personal injury attorney may help to ensure that liable parties are held accountable and you get the best possible settlement.