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October 2019 Archives

Pinpointing when carriers may be liable for truck accidents

One of the first exclamations we here at the Russell & Ireland Law Group PLLC hear from those who have been involved in truck accidents in their disbelief that a trucker would do something as negligent as speed. Said clients are often surprised when it is pointed out that while such a decision may indeed be due to a truck driver’s own impatience, in many others they may feel pressured into doing so. You likely face similar pressure to meet deadlines and cater to customer demands in your own workplace; the obvious difference is that you caving to such pressure might be unlikely to endanger lives.

What teen drivers are doing that puts your life at risk

People may joke about getting off the roads when a teenager gets his or her license, but there is always some truth to jokes. While you can't stay off the roads and can't know which drivers are inexperienced teens, you can continue your safe driving habits, which may keep you from being involved in an accident.

Understanding whiplash and its symptoms

Most people who live in Kentucky have probably heard about whiplash. Sometimes this condition is the subject of jokes, but the reality is that it is far from a joking matter as the pain and physical limitations associated with a whiplash injury can have a bit impact on a person's daily life. 

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