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Slip-And-Fall Accidents Can Be Painful And Costly

A slip-and-fall accident can turn a leisurely walk or casual errand into an expensive and painful ordeal. When someone else’s poor property maintenance causes you injury, you may have legal avenues for obtaining compensation.

These types of cases are often referred to as “premises liability” claims. At Russell & Ireland Law Group, LLC, our personal injury attorneys frequently work with clients in the Covington area who have suffered harm due to another party’s negligence. We know how serious these injuries can be, and we do everything in our power to help our clients recover what they are owed.

When Is A Property Owner At Fault?

If you have recently suffered from a slip-and-fall injury, you may be tempted to attribute it to your own clumsiness. In truth, if you were on another party’s property, their negligence could have contributed to your fall and subsequent injuries. The property owner or possessor may be responsible for your injuries in a variety of situations, including those where:

  • They fostered the dangerous condition
  • The unsafe condition had existed long enough that it should have been fixed
  • They knew of the safety issue and did nothing to correct it

Premises liability can be established in under a variety of circumstances. In some instances, a commercial tenant can be found liable if they created or ignored unsafe conditions for their patrons. A landlord can also be found liable if a resident or other party succumbs to injury on their property.

We Can Help You In Your Fight For Compensation

At Russell & Ireland Law Group, LLC, we care about your story. We understand that life can be suddenly derailed by a serious injury, and our lawyers strive to get our clients the help that they need.

If you need a slip, trip and fall attorney in the northern Kentucky area, please call us today at 859-535-0180. You may also contact us via email. We are happy to schedule a free consultation to help you along on your road to recovery.