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Helping You Recover From A Serious Truck Accident

Commercial drivers are held to a high level of safety standards for a reason: They are driving approximately 80,000 pounds of steel that can instantly take the life of anyone it strikes. Because of the huge size and weight of these vehicles, people in personal automobiles can be severely injured or even killed in crashes involving semi trucks or other commercial vehicles.

Knowledgeable Lawyers For Trucking Accidents

At Russell & Ireland Law Group, LLC, we represent victims of commercial vehicle accidents and their families. In trucking accident cases, the driver, the trucking company or both may be held accountable for accidents if they acted negligently in some way.

Examples of negligent behavior by truck drivers include:

  • Driving while distracted or drowsy
  • Speeding or failing to observe traffic signs

Examples of negligent behavior by trucking companies include:

  • Providing insufficient training for drivers
  • Making unrealistic demands on drivers that encourage dangerous behaviors such as driving without sleep or speeding

Intelligent And Compassionate Representation

Commercial vehicle accident cases can be complicated. Investigating them thoroughly and in a timely manner is critical to preserving the evidence you need to successfully prove your case. Our motor vehicle accident attorneys can investigate the causes of your accident and develop the best legal strategy to maximize the compensation your family needs to cover the full impact of the accident. Medical costs are only part of the story. We take the time to learn the full effects of the accident on your family’s life and finances so we can fight for maximum possible compensation.

We Can Help After A Trucking Accident

If you or a family member has been injured in a truck accident, call Russell & Ireland Law Group, LLC, at 859-535-0180 for a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. You may also contact us by email. Our family-friendly office is located in Covington, and our lawyers represent clients throughout Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area.