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Cyclists Can Be Severely Injured By Negligent Drivers

For many Kentucky residents, biking is a healthy and efficient mode of transportation. Whether you ride for recreation or as a means of commuting, as a cyclist, you have a place on the road. Unfortunately, some motorists fail to observe bikers, and when an accident occurs the effects can be catastrophic.

We understand the impact that a traumatic bike accident can have on your life. At Russell & Ireland Law Group, LLC, our motor vehicle accident lawyers have a long history of helping Covington cyclists recover the compensation they deserve after being injured in a bicycle accident.

Determining Liability After An Accident

If you have suffered a bicycle accident involving a motor vehicle — whether you were brushed or clipped by a passing vehicle, struck by a motorist turning in front of you or hit by a car that failed to yield the right of way — the vehicle’s driver could be held liable for your injuries. In a successful lawsuit, a cyclist must establish that the driver was at fault, typically by proving the following factors:

  • Negligence by the cyclist did not cause the accident
  • Specific recklessness or negligence by the motorist led to the cyclist’s injuries

Bicycle accidents can be extremely serious. Medical bills are often costly, and depending on the injuries you have sustained, you may be unable to work. An experienced attorney at Russell & Ireland Law Group, LLC, can help you fight for full and fair compensation.

Our Firm Can Help You Assess Your Case

At Russell & Ireland Law Group, LLC, our family is here to help yours — contact us today to find out how. From our office in Covington, we proudly represent cyclists in northern Kentucky and Ohio who have been injured in bicycle accidents caused by the negligence of others.

If you have questions about your accident, please contact our office at 859-535-0180 to schedule a free consultation. You can also reach us online by sending an email through our contact page.