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How truck drivers can deal with drowsiness

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

The long hours on the road make truck drivers drowsy and, hence, a danger on the road. Drowsy driving is a leading cause behind the nearly 4,000 large-truck crash deaths that arise each year. What truckers in Kentucky should know is that their safety depends largely on how vigilant they are about their health.

It begins with adequate sleep: six to eight hours a day. Some are unable to achieve that amount at one time, and so naps are highly recommended. The National Sleep Foundation says naps can make drivers regain their alertness and ability to make correct judgments and react to hazards.

Next, truckers should reevaluate how they eat. Rather than consuming hamburgers and donuts, they could opt for a chicken or tuna sandwich and bagels or English muffins. They should avoid anything that merely provides a sugar rush because they will feel more tired after the effect wears off. Rather than drinking caffeine, which can cause high blood pressure and nervousness, or consuming alcohol, which is a depressant, truckers should drink more water. Water regulates the body temperature, cushions the joints and has other benefits that contribute to greater alertness. Lastly, truckers could consider a seat suspension system, which can prevent the constant jarring and bouncing in the cab from affecting their spine and overall health.

Unfortunately, many truckers will rely on caffeine or even drugs to stay awake and perhaps engage in other unsafe behavior in order to meet deadlines. When truck accidents are clearly the result of truck driver negligence, victims may rest assured that they have good grounds for a claim. They may not want to file their claim, though, without legal representation, since trucking companies have legal teams of their own.