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CVSA to hold truck brake inspection spree in August

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Once a year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds a brake inspection spree for large trucks called Brake Safety Week. Truckers in Kentucky should be aware that in 2020, the inspection spree will take place from August 23 to 29. August, incidentally, is Brake Safety Awareness Month.

The importance of brake safety

Now more than ever, truckers need reminding about the importance of brake safety. In 2019, 13.5% of the trucks inspected during Brake Safety Week had to be placed out of service because their brakes did not meet industry standards. Even more surprising is how during the 2019 International Roadcheck, a comprehensive inspection spree also held by the CVSA, 45.1% of trucks given out-of-service orders had violated brake system and adjustment regulations.

What truckers can expect during Brake Safety Week

Any trucks that seem to be exhibiting problems will be pulled over for a roadside inspection. Inspectors will be focusing on brake hoses and tubing and checking for damage, leaks, inflexibility and any flaws in how they are attached. Critical brake violations will result in an out-of-service order.

Knowing what truck fleets are the safest

Truckers often want to work for a safety-minded fleet so that they themselves can become more safety-conscious. Each year, the Truckload Carriers Association holds a “Best Fleets to Drive For” contest that allows truckers to find out which fleets are the safest.

When an unsafe trucker injures someone else

Of course, even the safest fleets can face a claim in the wake of truck accidents caused by truck driver negligence. If you believe that you have grounds for a third-party claim in Kentucky, which is a no-fault state, then you may want to schedule a legal evaluation. An attorney may determine how much you could be eligible for in economic and non-economic damages and then work to negotiate a settlement for you.