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Planning ahead to avoid distracted driving

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Kentucky motorists can be distracted by any number of things: eating, drinking, using the navigation system, adjusting the radio, and talking with passengers. Anything that takes a driver’s attention from the road constitutes a distraction.

Among other distractions, though, phone use is arguably the most dangerous. Drivers in this state are prohibited from sending texts or emails. All phone use is illegal for drivers under 18, but drivers 18 and older may still talk on a phone. Of course, it would be ideal for drivers to speak on a hands-free phone, but even this will cause the mind to wander away from the road.

To see just how distraction affects driving, it would do well to break down it as follows. Rather than thinking of miles per hour, one can think in terms of feet per second. Roughly, to travel 30 mph is to cover 45 fps. At 67 mph, a driver can span the entire length of a football field in three seconds. If that driver takes three seconds to dial a number, it’s like traveling that length with a blindfold on.

Since not every distraction can be avoided, drivers must prepare as much as they can beforehand. For example, they can first unpack their fast food or plot their course on the navigation system.

Still, drivers may have laid out their food beforehand, but if they cause a crash while eating, they will be held liable. Many truck accidents are caused by distractions like food or phones. When this happens, victims may feel confident about filing a claim against the trucking company. Kentucky is a no-fault state, but those who have incurred severe injuries or disabilities may want to pursue a third-party insurance claim with the assistance of an attorney.