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Distracted truck driver causes fatal Franklin County crash

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

Many may see the massive semi-trucks traveling on roads in and around Covington and wonder exactly how much skill is required to operate such vehicles. Indeed, truck drivers are well-trained, and hours and hours of experience behind the wheel helps them understand exactly what their vehicles are (and are not) capable of. Yet part of their training (or their experience) should teach them the importance of remaining attentive behind the wheel. Distracted driving can easily cause one to lose control of a standard car, truck or SUV. One can only imagine how dangerous a distracted truck driver can be. 

That question was recently answered in an accident that occurred in Franklin County. A semi-truck traveling on Interstate 64 slammed into two vehicles. The driver of one of the vehicles hit by the semi was killed in the collision (the condition of the other driver was not reported). Investigators later determined that the truck driver was watching a video on his cell phone before causing the accident. He has since been charged with murder, assault and wanton endangerment (to which he pled not guilty). 

Many may think it is OK if their attention is pulled away from the road for a moment to use their phones, eat a sandwich or put on makeup. Yet a momentary lapse in one’s attention may be all that is needed to cause an accident that produces devastating consequences. One might think that a person who drives professionally should understand this better than most. When such an expectation is not met, accident victims ay reasonably feel justified in working with an attorney to commence legal action.