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Advances in automotive technology support traffic safety

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Over the years, automobile manufacturers have developed technology that reduces accident risks for motorists in Kentucky. Researchers have credited systems that alert drivers to danger or improve stability for vehicles during bad road conditions with improvements in traffic safety.

Radar sensors and cameras that monitor drivers’ blind spots sound an alarm when objects enter the blind spot area. The extra set of technological eyes helps people avoid lane-change accidents if they fail to check their blind spots or simply do not see something.

Some vehicles have electronic stability control or traction control systems. This technology steps in when vehicles encounter risky conditions that might make them skid and lose control. By reducing the chance of sliding out of the control, the technology empowers drivers to avoid crashes.

Vehicles outfitted with lane departure warning systems detect when drivers drift out of their lane. A sleepy driver could be prone to falling asleep and veering into other lanes. The alarm has the potential to prevent serious head-on collisions. To protect against rear-end accidents, forward collision systems alert drivers when they get too close to a vehicle in front of them.

Despite the safety improvements present in many modern vehicle models, auto accidents remain a reality. Driver errors or outright negligence, like driving too fast for conditions or failing to yield the right-of-way, could expose innocent parties to serious injuries and financial hardship. An attorney who represents accident victims may guide a person through the process of collecting compensation for medical expenses and lost income. To identify insurance coverage, an attorney might review a policy and inform the person about available compensation. An attorney may be able to secure a settlement by discussing the claim with an insurance adjuster. If resistance to paying damages arises, then an attorney might file a lawsuit.