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Drunk driver caught on video

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2019 | Car Accidents |

People who live in Kentucky know that motor vehicle accidents can and do happen regardless of how safely they drive themselves. Despite knowing the facts about how to be safe on the roads, all too many drivers make negligent and reckless choices that put themselves and others in harm’s way. In some situations, people might be lucky that a crisis could be averted but in other situations, tragedy can result.

Among the many selfish and reckless choices a driver today can make is to get behind the wheel of a car or other vehicle after they have consumed alcohol. A person does not even need to be legally intoxicated for their judgment to be impaired. Drunk driving has claimed the lives of many innocent people over the years and seems poised to continue to do so for a while. One driver who appears to have been drunk, however, appears to have been caught before he was able to kill anyone.

As reported by, several bystanders and witnesses attested to erratic driving behaviors by the man. Some people were even able to capture his actions on video. It is believed the man was drunk at the time but there has been no official report about his blood alcohol content at the time.

He was said to have been seen weaving in and out of traffic, driving the wrong way on a street against traffic, almost hitting a school bus and finally coming to a stop in a parking lot with part of his vehicle resting on a sidewalk.